About the project

“The main aim of the project is to offer the public a new alternative LNG fuel for heavy duty transport and building a new modern and innovative infrastructure of CNG filling stations on the core corridors in Slovakia (highway D1 and D2).”


Project partners


Advatages of using natural gas in transport


  • 25% less CO2 and 75% less NOx emissions compared with petrol

  • No emissions of particle matters and therefore filters and additives neither needed (AdBlue)

  • Use of biomethane allows further significant reduction of emissions CO2

Proven and beneficial

  • Already today many operators are using trucks and buses driving on CNG

  • Natural gas in LNG form provides significantly higher vehicle mileage

  • Economic beneficial alternative, which is also friendly to the environment

Secure and available

  • Crash tests proves, that vehicles on natural gas are equally secure as vehicles on common fuels

  • Natural gas will be available longer than crude oil


  • Gas driven engines significantly reduce emissions of the noise and allowed 24/7 service