Project goals

The Directive 2014/94/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2014 on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure defines a common framework of measures for the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in the European Union in order to minimise dependence on oil and to mitigate the environmental impact of transport. It sets out minimum requirements for the building-up of alternative fuels infrastructure, including LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).


The Action is aiming to create market trust and to attract new customers to use LNG in transport through implementing of LNG refueling infrastructure along TEN-T core network corridors crossing Slovakia. Critical mass of LNG infrastructure along with increasing number of gas driven vehicles will attract new suppliers and infrastructure investors to multiply the pilot deployment and thus support to achieve National and European targets in the area of alternative fuels and in decarbonisation of transport.


The Action consists of a study with pilot deployment of LNG technology in Slovakia to contribute to decarbonisation of road and river transport through transition to innovative, environmental and sustainable technologies. The Action will be deployed along three TEN-T core network corridors (CNC) crossing Slovakia (Rhine-Danube, Baltic-Adriatic and Orient/East-Med). Total length of the core network covered is 590 km of roads and the Action provides LNG to the Port of Bratislava on Rhine-Danube corridor (inland waterway).


The first specific objective is to remove major bottlenecks in sourcing LNG to the Member States in Central and Eastern Europe.The first specific objective will be met by creating an appropriate on-demand LNG liquefaction facility for transport, setting up the first LNG  fuelling infrastructure network supplied by LNG. (Activity 2).


The second specific objective is to test and study a new innovative distribution chain for the supply of natural gas, define recommendations for the consequent roll-out of LNG infrastructure and examine the feasibility and obstacles of authorization of LNG infrastructure in Slovakia. The second specific objective will be met through a study that will deliver a business plan with objectives for commercial sustainability for a future large-scale implementation on other sections of corridors in Slovakia and in neighbouring countries (Activity 1).


The subject of a detailed internal survey was 12 locations in the area of ​​logistics and industrial parks near motorway corridors. Based on detailed surveys, the three most suitable sites near the D1 / D2 corridors have been identified.

1.       WESTERN CORRIDOR D2 - Locality: Brodské, highway (D2) rest area 
2.       CORRIDOR D1 (BRATISLAVA-ŽILINA) - Locality: Trnava 
3.       EASTERN CORRIDOR D1 – PREŠOV: Locality: PREŠOV – industrial areal company DaM