Activity 3: Project management

This Activity involves the management and coordination of all tasks necessary to ensure a smooth implementation of the Action. These tasks will be carried out by a dedicated Project Management team established within the project’s organisational structure, which will be supported by external advisers providing specific expertise.


This Activity involves the following tasks:


3.1 Management and coordination of tasks within particular project Activities (study, construction, pilot deployment):


• communication with INEA

• preparation of project plan with defined tasks, deadlines

• assignment of roles and responsibilities to team members

• preparation of communication matrix within the project team

• preparation of project documents templates

• management of Activities, sub-activities and tasks

• checking of fullfilment of milestones


3.2 Organization of events related to project progression such as:


• Organization of project kick-off meeting

• Organization of steering committee milestones meetings

• Organization of project team regular meetings


3.3 Minutes of meetings


3.4 Preparation of interim reports, action status reports and final report at the end of the project (e.g. to inform about progress, obstacles encountered, delays incurred, etc.)


3.5 Management of creation of pilot fleet of LNG vehicles, ensuring the real life trial objectives of the project will be met


3.6 Financial audit of the project


This activity will result in the following deliverables:


D3.1: Meeting minutes of all meetings held within the project implementation;

D3.2: Steering committee approvals for milestones and deliverables

D3.3: Reports related to project’s progress including project interim reports, action status reports and project final report and project evaluation report;

D3.4: Financial audit reports.