Activity 4: Communication and disemination

This Activity involves communication activities to disseminate progress and results of the proposed Action, to promote the Action and related EU-funding within academic and scientific bodies.


This Activity involves the following sub-activities and tasks:


4.1 Preparation of action communication plan


4.2 Organisation of communication and dissemination events with following tasks:


• Project kick off-meeting for the public after signature of grant agreement

• Organisation of annual scientific conferences regarding LNG implementation in Slovak Republic

• LNG workshops for truck operators of the pilot fleet, as well as potential future customers


4.3 Press and media releases with following tasks:


• Presentation of the project in nationwide media in form of a press release regarding reached milestone

• LNG and CNG public relations (Press releases regarding the use and extension of LNG as well as comparison with other fuels within the scientific community - energy transport, journals, contributions to conferences and seminars, articles in media, recommendations for further work with the public)

• LNG and CNG publicity focus on general public through the mass media


4.4 Visibility of the Action


• Temporary billboards and commemorative plaques, brochures, leaflets

• Project web management


This activity will result in the following deliverables:


D4.1: Action communication plan

D4.2: Media outcomes referring to conferences and other presentations of the project collected and stored at project web page

D4.3: Conferences and events